Feb 5, 2018


Super easy and cute decoration craft here.  
from wood hunks.

I simply had the idea one day when looking at a stack of wood we have out back.
Here's some of how we stack it.

Well, a couple of the little end pieces were laying on the ground and it looked like a few hunks of watermelon to me.  

So I grabbed it, cleaned it off and painted it up like so.

I just used acrylic craft paint in the craft section of Walmart. And I just used any red and green I had on hand.

And after painting on some red like that, I took a sponge brush and dabbed on the green to the "rime" and had to water it down a it to get it to soak in good enough.

And in the pic, you can see I dabbed on some blackish brown for the seeds and came back in with a touch of white to make them stand out.

As you see, any shape of little hunks of wood will basically do.
Just paint'em up and sit'em on your porch in a cute tray!

Happy Crafting, see ya'll next time,


  1. super cute! what a great item to set around the house or shop.
    Made me smile and think of summer! Lisa

    1. thank you freshvintagebylisas, last year i had some on the side porch in a cute dish, everyone that came up said they liked them. It's fun to use something so simple and have it turn out cute. thanks again! -lisa

  2. Replies
    1. thank you mamasmercantile. I appreciate it! -Lisa


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