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Sep 2, 2015


Here is my latest Fall creation. A burlap "Punkin" bag with lights and Punkin' Spoons.
I started out with some plain, burlap bags approximately 12"x8" like this:


Then I got out my PUMPKIN stencil I bought from eBay and some cinnamonish orange paint and burnt umber (not shown) and black. I also used a makeup sponge, not shown, to dab the paint into the stencils.

Make sure to get the excess paint off your sponge before you start dabbing.
The burlap really takes the paint great!

Way better than I first thought it would.

Notice I lifted my stencil and rearranged the letters to get the "N" instead of going on with the "M."
That is because I wanted to spell out "PUNKINS" instead of "PUMPKINS."  It's just what we call'em round' here.  
If you do this too, just try to realign your stencil best you can to finish off the word.

Next, I also stenciled on a star in the right hand top.
And then the lower left hand corner I free handed a punkin'.

I also wrote 5cents inside the punkin'. Sorry it's hard to see with that twig of grapevine in my way.

And now to I started to think what I could put inside it to hold it good upright. I know chicken wire would do great, but I don't have any left.  So I thought about sitting a large Mason Jar inside it. And it'd also act like a vase.

Yep, working.

Now I just need to add some more cuteness to it.

I had some plastic gourds and such from last years decorating.
And then I thought I'd throw in some of my 

They stick up great thanks to the jar inside!

Okay, so now I think they are ready to get some lights.

And here is a shot of it with the flash off. Sorry, it doesn't show up too good.

But here you can see it pretty good, even with the flash on.
I just love it.
I also stuck a fall themed sprig of pip berry in it.

*NOTE: I had to remove my jar because my strand of lights was too big.
But if you don't plan on using lights, you can still use the Mason Jar as a good holder inside.
Still in the burlap bag mode, I went ahead and did another one below:

With this next cute burlap bag, I must say I cheated a little. 
I ordered a few pre-stamped bags, with the HOLBERTS HOG and some others, (previous post) size 12"x8", to see how they were going to turn out as bags. They already had the designs on the front but the ones above, in PUNKIN theme, I did myself.
Here  are the pre-stamped, HOLBERTS HOG burlap bags flat when I got them:

They were open ended on one end. All I had to do was 
-stuff them. Hum, but with what this time? Last time I used papers.  But this time I wanted to use lights to make them more interesting! 
 Just stuff a strand in. I used a white strand left over from Christmas decorating.
Just kinda push it in so that it'll look like a bag of something sitting there.

Here it is again,

And here is my all time favorite view of it with the flash off on the camera.

See, I just threw the lights in, kinda in a wad, and let them fall where they will.
And I left the plug in hanging out the top back. You can see it over to the right of this pic, where I have a plug in strip behind it.

Okay, so that's all I better post today, as I don't want to bore you with my burlap love too much!

I have about 10 different designs listed in my eBay shop. If you are interested, stop in and look around.
See ya'll next time!

Apr 27, 2015


Monday Morning....
Good morning Ya'll!
I'm up and at'em but barely...

Last week I made these cute little natural burlap bags for my Booth#555.

With this first set, I must say I cheated a little. I ordered a few pre-stamped bags, size 12"x8", to see how they were going to turn out as bags. They already had the designs on the front but the next batch I am going to paint as well. 

Here they are flat when I got them:

They were open ended on one end. All I had to do was 
-stuff them 
I used the brown paper sheets that you wrap breakables in. You could use tissue paper or even computer paper too.
-seal up the top

I used a mini stapler. You really can't see the staples that much and it was fast.

-decorate with rusty stars
Tie on some bakers twine

And just staple on the star by the bakers twine
and add a price tag.

DIY Mason Jar Tags
 I used some Mason Jar Price Tag Labels that I made in an earlier post here.

And on the old crow one, I added a strip of homespun fabric:

All finished and priced for $6.99 each.

Here are the plain ones waiting for me to paint up and stencil for an upcoming post:
These would look great tucked in open shelving or cabinets around the kitchen and dinning room.

I priced these cute, natural burlap bags, size 12"x8" 
for $6.99 in my Booth#555.

Where would you place these cute, burplap bags?
Happy Crafting Ya'll.
 And since it is really starting to warm up around here, I am getting into the flower mode big time. 
I'd like to share a photo of one of my Peonies. This is from last year, 2014. 
I've only had them a few years and last year was the first year they really bloomed so much.


Yesterday, I gave this little flower garden a makeover because the house is getting redone on the outside now, finally! So I have done away with the landscaping blocks and white gravel and gone to landscaping timbers, lattice and brown mulch.I can't wait to post more pics of it already! I'm loving the more country, woodsy look.
Keep posted for more updates!!!