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Aug 22, 2016


Yesterday I spent the evening making a "porch board." It's just a tall sign that is meant to stand by your entry, out of the way, to welcome guests.
Since Fall is on it's way, I thought I'd make one to say "Harvest Welcome," to place in my new booth.

Here was my plain old wooden fence board before and after:

I ended up using the other side that didn't have the light colored streaks. First I took some cinnamon orange colored craft paint and a wide paint brush and started to freehand the letters.

I didn't know how much space I'd have in the end, but I started by doing the first word, "HARVEST."

And I knew if I did have enough room that I wanted to also write "WELCOME" to the end, for "HARVEST WELCOME."
Most people will lay it out, but I just don't really take the time for that anymore. I knew I could always cut it off the bottom if there was too much room left, or fill it in with something.

Yep, that's a hammock on my side porch. I love it there. lol
The wide paint brush makes it easy to freehand these type of letters.

Or if you don't fell good with free handing  them, print you off large letters using Word in whichever font you like and just trace them real hard onto your board to give you an outline.


After the wide orange letters were done, I went back in with a country tan color and outlined a fine line around each letter.  I used a very fine tip paint brush that is actually meant for decorating nails. It works perfect.

Once it was all painted it, I did have some room at the bottom left over but not too much. I decided to just draw in a pumpkin to fill it in.

And there's some grapevine garland I was about to use also to trim it up.

Look how cool the grapevine twirled up at the bottom to form a cute little pumpkin!
 I left the extra hanging as a stem also.

Here's a shot from the side, hard to get a good pic cause the board is so long.

As you see, I just ran the grapevine garland from the top down the sides and to the bottom.

I loved how the grapevine was making it look that far.

And here it is sitting beside my door:

I like how it takes up that empty space that really doesn't have much room for anything else.
And now seeing it sitting there, in a pic, I think I'm going to go back and add a touch of burlap to the top.

Here's a few other pics of how I've started decorating the porch already. Since we had a bit of a cool down spell yesterday, it has really gotten me in the mood.

I'll probably keep this porch board for myself, but I'm off to make a few more in the same theme for my booth right now. I think I will probably price them for $19.99 each.....or um, maybe $15.00.

Anyways, hope ya'll got some sort of idea from this post.  And now I'm off to add a bit of burlap to the top of the board someway.  After seeing the pic here, it looks like it just needs something there.
Happy Crafting,

Aug 19, 2015


I picked up these cute, Fall themed candles today at the Dollar General.
These are 3 oz Jars for only $1.00 each
And this is how they turned out:
Their scents are Creamy Pumpkin Pie and Candied Maple Sugar!
Ummmm right?

I knew I could throw a touch of prim on these to spruce them up somehow.
Especially with such yummy scents.

And so here is how I did them.

For the more brown colored candles, the Candied Maple Sugar, I used some closely colored construction paper in a similar brown. I cut a strip wide enough to cover up the existing label.

Like so, and just wrap it around the candle and overlap just enough to cover it.

Cut off the excess. 

Then I decided to get out my black ink and stamps

and my letter stamps.  

 Don't worry, if you don't have stamps and such, you could always use a black permanent marker and free hand some on. Or maybe print out cute words onto the brown paper beforehand! Here's one lable I free handed with an inkpen.

Two pics up, you will see I also used the letter stampers to stamp the candle name onto a Grungy Hang Tag that I made with this recipe.

Here, I stamped the paper strips with the willow tree stamp (that I bought on eBay.)
 To attach the brown stamped paper to the jars,I used E-6000 glue instead of hot glue.
 The reason I used E-6000 glue was if the candle is used, when the wax gets hot, if you use a glue gun, chances are the hot glue dobs will come off. And with the E-6000 it kinda holds forever.

Then for one of them I had a bit of cute fabric. I cut it the size to cover the label and also e-6000 glued it on.
Once I had it on, I thought about stamping the name of the candle onto a smaller piece of brown paper and then ripping it to fit.  

To give the label a worn and torn look like so.
 I REALLY like how that torn label turned out.
Then I just used a bit more e-6000 glue to stick it right onto the fabric.
And then I finished it off with a little rusty brown star that I tied to the top with some brown and white bakers twine. Jute brown string would work or just about anything.

And then here is another that I was working on with the willow tree stamp.
I ended up putting the hand written label on as a hang tag.

So if I used something you don't have on these Dollar Store candles, just improvise and use something you do have on hand.
When it comes to making things primitive style, you really can't go wrong!

I have to say, I really like the plain, brown, stamped labels!

Which ones do you like the best?