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Oct 8, 2013

Primitive Bench

Here's the latest addition to my items for sale in my Booth #555 at the Peddlers Mall. It's a piano bench that I redid into the primitive theme.

And here it was before the makeover:

I first I tried to leave it in the off whiteish/light brown base with sage stars and red writing, and then I hated it!

Next, I painted it all over again in the black and loved it. Especially after I took sand paper and scruffed up all the edges to make it a little worn looking.

And here it is again, the second time I tried, lol. And definitely the best of the two.

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And here's a few other things that I'm working on and will be putting in my booth this week, if' you'd like to take a look:

If you'd like to see another one of my piano bench remakes, here's the link:

Old Piano Bench Repurposed

Happy Crafting Ya'll!

Sep 25, 2013

DIY Frosted Metal Stars

I am gearing up for winter sales in my booth #555. And am doing a lot of winter projects right now.
Todays post is how I take plain metal stars and paint them to look like they are frosted. I love this effect and its super easy!

Here is the before version, in which I buy these by the gross.Sorry the pic is so off centered. This tablet is taking a lot to get used to.

 First  I bought some Rustoleum spray paint in metallic finish color.

 I sprayed the star in an even coat and allowed it to almost dry.

Then I sprayed it again in another even coat and used a piece of crinkled up tissue paper to dab the wet paint. Giving it a frosted appearance. Don't overdue it. It just takes sparse dabs here n there.
I had zebra themed tissue paper on hand.

And that was really all there was to it. I really love the frosted look. And it gives me a break from constantly stocking the basic colors of red, white and blue stars.

Price for $9.99 in my Booth#555

Aug 13, 2013

PRIMITIVE SNOWMEN JINGLE BELLS | Various Styles Over the Years

It's that time of year again! The time that I really start to begin painting more Christmas decorations for my Booth#555 at the Peddlers Mall. I got the Christmas spirit in September, lol.

And today I am starting on a new batch of Snowmen Jingle Bells. I got inspiration for these from the Oriental Trading Catalog. Theirs sale for $16.00 per dozen.

To buy them at $16.00 per dozen to resell wasn't really leaving me any room for profit in my craft booth. So I decided to find the plain jingle bells, same size and paint them. I found a package of 6 at the Dollar General Store for a $1.50. And then after the Christmas sale, I bought all the rest of them for half off! Totally amazing deal! So here's what I have started with:

I seriously buy every box of these I find, especially at the after Christmas sales! I will get around to using them, believe me!

I've came a long way through the years with these. I started making them back in November of 2010. You simply paint a base coat. I hang the hangers on a strip of wire and spray paint a bunch at once. And then just sit and paint on the snowmen in sections. Bodies, heads, arms, clothes, then snowflakes, etc. I do them in sections like that to not have to be changing my paint color much. And a hint is to lay them in egg carton tops, lined with paper towels, to help keep from rolling around. Here's what my first batch ever, looked like:

2010 Batch of Bells
$1.59 each

2011 Batch of Bells
Sold for $1.00 each to move faster, it seemed

2012 Batch of Bells 
Raised back to $1.59 each since I finished them in wax & began to package them.
These I experimented with dipping them in hot, butter colored wax, after painting. It made a great finish. 

Can't really see it in the pics, but looks pretty good. And the middle one is an old, black crow wearing a santa hat. 
Being as I did the extra wax dipping, is why I raised these back to $1.59 each.

2013 Batch of Bells


Keep in mind, these are great crafts to make and sell. Especially if you find them in boxes of 6 marked down to half price to only $.75cents. That makes you only have like 12cents each in them. Sometimes even less if the sale is bigger. Then just your time to paint with paint you already have, probably. 

They are steady sellers for my craft booth. And with changing the theme a little each year, it makes a great item for people to look for. Sometimes I even put the date on the back of them. When I remember to, that is.

Hope this gives you some ideas to do with those plain ole' jingle bells!
Happy Crafting ya'll,

Jul 29, 2013



I am in love with making primitive themed wooden spoons!

 And this here is about my fourth batch of them so far. I'm addicted! lol. They have been really steady sellers at my Booth #555 at the Morehead Peddlers Mall

I've been bundling them in groups of 3 and pricing them for only $2.95. 
I do have more detailed ones that I've turned into magnets for sale as well, for $1.99 each.

I start out with the plain ole' wooden ones you find at WalMart for a pack of 4 for $ .88.

I lay them out on some chicken wire (best ever thing to spray paint on!) with the sides bent just enough to keep the spoons off the ground. Spray them a base color of whatever I have on hand. I like black, dark red and yellow as base colors.

Then after spraying both sides, I let them dry a few good hours. Then I bring them all in and do another color with craft paint. Whichever color you want. 

As you see from my finished pics, I make a wide variety of primitive colors. And the reason I spray paint a first, base coat, is so that when I do my finish sanding, the base color kind of seeps through and makes them appear a bit older. Kind of rugged looking or aged.

And another thing. To give it a sealed, finished look, I always like to take some Satin Varnish from the craft paint section and give each spoon a quick coat.

And here's some more I've just finished up today. 
These say various kitchen words like, coffee, sugar, flour ect.

And some black and off white ones with the theme of eggs, checkerboard and stars:

And some reddish brown colored ones that say Old Crow and have the star and checkerboard on them.

And some more various colored ones in cinnamon, yellow and colonial green:

Those old crow hang tags are some I also made by using a simple stencil purchased from eBay.

I hope I've given you a crafting bug for those plain old wooden spoons you probably have already laying around! I have to go get some more done, because I am restocking my shelves tomorrow at the Morehead Peddlers Mall. And also putting some in my eBay shop at

And if you'd like to see more, here's the link to my other Primitive "Kitchen" Themed Wooden Spoons

And here's my holiday themed wooden spoons in Snowmen

and Ghosts:

Happy Crafting Ya'll!
And see ya next time!

Apr 5, 2013

AMERICANA Guitar for Display

This was first brought to me by a friend who won it in an auction for $2.00. It was plain, light colored wood, no strings, no knobs, and no tuning knobs. I mean plain Jane! It had been handmade by someone with a lot of patience lol.. I could not have taken the time to make this, that's for sure.

Anyways, my friend wanted it to be painted somehow so that they could display it for Fourth of July at his new house, on the porch.

And here's what I done to it. Let me say this, he did not want the "rustic" look on the guitar. That made me soooo sad, cause I know with some scuffs and such, it could have had a real nice worn look to it. I just don't care for the "just painted" look. I do wish he woulda wanted the ruffer look....oh well...

I even had to take some dowel rods and cut them with an exact o knife to get a ridge that holds the strings up. Oh, the strings I made from that crafting wire. The thin kind that you can hang ornaments with. It was kinda rusty in color.
In the pic above, you can see the black knobs holding the wire/strings. Well, those are from a black and white beaded necklace I had broken. I put a dab of hot glue on the inside, and then tacked them in with a tiny nail. The hot glue adds extra hold.

The ends of the wire, I just twirled with an ink pen. Wrap wire around it and slide out the ink pen. That's it.

It's a super long guitar. You can't really tell it when it's laying down so here's a pic to show just how long the neck is on it.

Oh, I took a cutout from a magazine of Uncle Sam and traced around him with a star. Cut it out and glued it on the top, red part for decoration. I used that modge podge to seal it.
Hard to see above, but then I just stenciled on some off white stars around Uncle Sam.

But if it were gonna be mine, I definitely would have finished it up a lot differently. A LOT! I may have even added some tiny strings of barb wire as the wires. If I could have found it, that woulda been cool! Oh, he added a guitar strap so he could hang it up on the porch. :-)

I just think most items look better roughed up.... What about you?

Oct 3, 2012

Flea Market Finds (Before & After) | Record Cabinet Redo

Lets start with the ugly old before pic of the record cabinet:
and heres another of the before:

And here's the more primitive after picture where it sits now, in my Peddlers Mall booth:

I re-done this old record cabinet that I purchased from a local auction. I hated it, but it was solid wood, with "good bones" as they say. And I loved the bead board style on the front of the doors. I painted it, sanded it, and replaced the brass knobs with more prim, wood knobs. And now I just love it.

Here's a few more finished pics:

Price: $39.99 = Sold after only 2 days. That makes me extra happy!