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Sep 1, 2017


Hey Ya'll.
Who's in the mood for some Halloween Mason Jar Lid ornaments?
I know I sure am!

These stemmed off from the idea of my Snowman Mason Jar Lid ornaments you see below:

 Here's how I made them in case you want to give it a go. 
If you don't have any on hand, here's how they look in boxes at Walmart.
started out with a bunch of plain ole, used, metal Mason Jar lids in two sizes of
Regular: 2 2/4"
Wide Mouth: 3 3/4"
Some were new and shiny, some old and rusty. It doesn't matter to me.
And I spray painted them a base color in various shades of green and maroon that I had on hand.
For the Fall ones I was doing today, I stuck with the Satin Green.
The white was used for speckling (snow) only because it's a cheaper can and doesn't cover good.
Here are the Rustoleum and Valspar that cover great in one coat:

After they dry, they are a flat, softer color. Then we're ready to get started painting with craft paint.
My favorite brand is Folk Art but I do have a lot of Apple Barrel on hand too.

I just kinda looked at some magazines I had on hand to get ideas of decorations for the pumpkins.
And then just free handed the rest. Any fall or Halloween themed ideas would work great on these!

After letting all the paint dry for a bit, I decided to start adding the wire hangers.

I happened to have a metal punch on hand, but you can easily use a hammer and a nail to punch a hole in each side for a wire.

Then I took some homespun pieces I had laying around, in as close a match as possible and just tied them on.

And here they are all ready to go in my co-op and my ebay shop.

On this pumpkin, I used Elmers Glue underneath a quick off white color to give the almost crackle look.

Happy Crafting Ya'll,

Aug 25, 2017

Primitive SNOWMAN Ornaments

Hey ya'll! 
Here's a post about how to turn just about any plain hanging ornaments into some cute, wintery, snowman ornaments.

I had ordered a ton of these wooden, hanging hearts at an after Valentine's Sale online. And I got them super cheap. I mean like under a dollar a dozen.  They were burgundy with various sayings and already had the wire hanger too! So I couldn't go wrong.

First off, I spray painted them a random color I had on hand.  It was a sage'ish green in the Rust-oleum brand in a satin finish.

  I so wish I had the Almond color on hand, but I didn't.  So I just went with it.

Next, after those drying, I took some cheap white and cheap black and did the speckle effect. 
Just barely hold down the spray button and let it fling out on them.

I had so many, I had to lay them all over the place to dry.

Finally after drying for a few hours, they were ready to begin painting!

Most of them I painted in the Snowman themes and wrote various sayings like "Frosty" and such on them.

And some said "Burr," 

"Winter Wishes," 

and "Best Flakes."

Then I decided to make a few Candy Cane ones.

And added some wording of "Home Sweet Home."

There's a ton of these not in the photos, but I finally got tired of the winter theme and started doing some primitive designs.

This one below I mixed it up and glued a bit of pinstripe fabric on it, and then glued a rusty star on the center. Then just worded on "Love."

The "Faith is Believing in God" is one of my favorite sayings.

Then I used a small checkerboard stencil and stenciled on a background for the one below.
And I put on the saying, "Old Crow Co."

Oh, and as you see, I went through my fabric stash and grabbed bits and pieces of various colors and tied them onto the wire hanger.

I made so many of these and I did save a box of them to do in a different base color. Almond I'm hoping soon!  But for now, I just used colors I had on hand so that I didn't have to put more money into making money.

I'm going to price these for $3.19 each and considering I paid just under a $1.00 / dozen (about 7 cents each,) that will be a good profit.

And these type of cheap, hand painted ornaments tend to fly off the display trees during Christmas time.  They are a great, unique gift that not everyone will have one of!

Hope this gave ya'll an idea to paint up some holiday hanging ornaments.You can do these on just about any flat, hanging ornaments you may have already or can find at the Dollar Marts.

See ya'll next time,

Aug 10, 2017

Faux STRAWBERRY PIE for Pantry Shelf

Hey Ya'll! Here's a recent craft I've been making that's been a hit at my local co-op. It's a faux strawberry pie. It's great to sit out on the pantry shelves or center of a table for summer d├ęcor. They are both cute and easy to make.

Here's how I do them.
You need:
-a can of Spray Foam (found in the winterizing section on home goods stores)
-any type of pie pan (I used a vintage one for this pic, but the new aluminum ones would be great also)
-fake strawberries
-wax paper
This is the Spray Foam, it's for gaps and cracks around your home.

And here's the old pie pan again from the bottom:

All you need to really do to prep for this craft is to put down a lot of wax paper underneath your pie pan.  Start off by spraying your pie pan full of the Spray Foam.  Remember it will almost double in size when dry, so keep that in mind and don't overdue it.

I tend to spin my pie pan to get an even balance to look like the filling is full and even.
Just let it sit for about 5 minutes and then you will see it start to set a bit.  This is when you can sit the fake strawberries on it. 

If you do it too soon, they will sink to the bottom! Lesson learned!

You can see in my pics, there is spray foam on the sides of the fake strawberries. 

That's because I touched the foam a bit when putting them in place. It's okay and gives it a frothy look like the topping is on them. I also took some white craft paint and touched up the spray foam to give it a more "TOPPING" look also.
 Remember, when spraying the spray foam that the spray foam will expand in size, so don't overdue it! Here's another pie I made with a fake slice of lemon.
Just spray foam color, not painted white yet.

I love using plastic strawberries, lemons and limes.

  They are my favorite pies to have sitting around.

And that's all there is to it.
Hope ya give it a try.

See ya'll next time,