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Aug 13, 2016


You can do a quick makeover with lots of plain items just by using stencils and some craft paint.
I had bought all three of these gold, charger plates for $ .50.  They were nice but they needed something primitive for my booth.

found this via google, I forgot to take a before pic.

I got out some of my plastic stencils and black craft paint like the pic below (excuse the pumpkin stencil, I'd already put up the others.)
And just stamped them on using a makeup sponge.
Come in large packs at the Dollar Mart for $1.00
And this is how they turned out.

I ordered all the stencils you see from eBay.
They weren't much at all.

 I did have them displayed in a plate rack on the wall, but the plate rack sold before the plates.

I only put $3.99 on the set of three.
Sold. Thank You!

Don't forget when you get items you just don't like or are too plain, just
grab your stencils!

Happy Crafting ya'll,