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Dec 19, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Personalized Pencils

With Christmas just under a week away, 
I have been making Teacher Appreciation Gifts 
for my nephew to give at school.
These would also make for great "End of the Year" gifts also.

A simple, inexpensive gift would make for a perfect gift to show appreciation any time of the year.

Here are a few ideas that anyone could make whether using a wood burner like me or a simple Permanent Sharpie pen.

I engraved "STAY SHARP" on a #2 pencil
Remember, you can also write on them with a permanent Sharpie if you don't have an engraver!
Just let them dry completely before handling.

Then I simply attached a printout of a quote I saw online and just typed it up in the Paint program.
And stuck a little FACT Checker image to the side.

To insert the pencil neatly, 
I just folded the paper sideways and made two small slits where I wanted them.

Under the FACT Check image, I also wrote his teachers name:

And that was it. Here it is all complete.

And for another teacher appreciation gift idea I made him a cute keychain.

It says Mr. Mckenzie, you are phe"nautical" because his teacher
loves the anchor theme. 
And so I thought it would be a personal and cute
replacement for the word phenomenal. 

These were clear, hard plastic keychains that 
I believe I had bought from ebay years back.

They are meant to be photo insert keychains 
but they fit my purpose for this project easily.

And remember, when you are scrambling your minds trying to come up
with a great Teacher Appreciation Gift, they don't have to be expensive.

It truly is the thought that counts.
As they say, It takes a big heart to teach little minds!

I simply used the PAINT program and just typed it up with cute letters. 

Then printed that out on a piece of paper, (selecting the 3x5 size,)
cut it out and am going to let my nephew attach it as the name tag:

I used bakers twine for string. Anything would work like ribbon,
yarn, jute or string.

Here is the image I made in PAINT. If you need it, simply right click it and save.
Just right click to save if you wish to use this.

And most any teacher would be happy with the tiniest show of appreciation.
It gives them something to glance at throughout the day 
and remember why they do teach in the first place.
The kids!

Will you be trying either one of these Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas?
If so send me in a photo. I'd love to see them!

Happy Crafting Ya'll,