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Nov 16, 2011


I found a plain, wood box that had a pineapple pattern on it at a flea market for $1.00.

I bought it and painted it in a black, Apple Barrel craft paint.
Then I put some stencils on it of the Old Crow and stars that I bought from eBay.
  Then rubbed the edges with the yellow stencil paint to get a more rugged, worn look.

And it turned out way better than the before photo, which I totally forgot to take!

PRICE: $9.99 SOLD in my Booth#555
Thank You!


I drew out a toolbox design and had my husband cut it out for me.
Just the two ends that are kinda shaped like a front of a house, two sides, just rectangles, and then the flat bottom.

The handle was a little tricky to get it in there.
We used a tobacco stick, just cut it to size, and had to drill two holes in the ends to hold it.

After he put it together, I gave it a little detailing along the edges with black paint, to make it a lil more rustic.

Then I stenciled on the words and stars with some basic craft paint from WalMart. 
The stencils can be found on eBay just by searching for "primitive stencils."

I just love it.

If you like the Old Crow Stool behind it, you can see that post here.

PRICE: $19.99 SOLD in my Booth #555.
Thank You!