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Sep 7, 2016


I recently won around 4 cases of these light switch covers at the auction.
I gave $10 a box and each box has 72 in it!
So I'm all set for a long time. Oh, did I mention that there are only two patterns?
Pink and Black Cheetah and Multi-color Cheetah?

And I now have 4 cases of these! I can make these for every season!

Here's what I did to them.

 I just spray painted them in base colors of Rustoleum paints and then stenciled on some designs.
I finished them off with a clear, varnish sealer from Folk Art.

And I placed them back in the original packages to sell them in my craft booth at my local co-op.
I priced them for $2.00 each.

Hope this gives you an idea of something to do to plain ole' light switch covers.
You can buy them at Lowes or Walmart also.

See ya'll next time,

Sep 6, 2016


Before and After of a $2.00 chair.
Here is a quick post just to show a few pieces of furniture that I recently made over.
Here's a before pic of a chair that I had won 2 of for only $2.00 each. 

And here as you see above, I'd already added one star before remembering a before pic. But you get the idea.

I just stenciled on a star for one, 

then touched up edges here and there. 
And then just finished it with a brush on varnish sealer from Folk Art.

 And I basically left it like that for one.
And here's the back of the first chair.

And oh yea, I had won the little desk also for either $2 or $5, I can't find the ticket.
It was a shiny Oak color. But I sprayed it with ALMOND by Rustoleum also.
 I also made over the plain green trash can with a star too.
I didn't take a before pic of this because it was only solid green. All I did was add the stencils and brush strokes.
Here is the desk a little closer again.
I added some cute sage green check fabric to the inside of the drawer also.

The other chair I completely spray painted in ALMOND from Rustoleum paints.

Then went back and added more stenciling.

This is by far my favorite.
And I did finish this off with the same varnish sealer also.
  I love the old, true cracklings that show through.

 And take a look at this.
This is a great load of stuff I recently won from a local auction. None of the pieces shown cost me over $7.00. 
In fact, the chairs are the only thing that was $7.00. 
Before and after pic of a $2.00 end table.
The pumpkin light (works) was $2.00,
 the quilt rack was $5.00
and the red vintage metal lamp (works and heavy) was only $6.00.
It was a great night!
My proudest item of the pic is the solid wood end table in the front, far left. 
Why? Because it is solid wood, well made with good bones and it only cost me $2.00!

I guess the reason no one else wanted it was because it was just the one end table by itself and not a pair. That didn't bother me, because I knew I wanted to paint it and redo it anyways.
I choose a colonial red spray paint from WalMart in the Rustoleum brand. 
It runs a around $3.98 a can. And one can is all I needed for this size table.
Here's the before and after again, side by side.

Not shown in the last pic, but I went back and added a country star to the middle of the table in okra yellow.

But by far my favorite furniture makeover of the week was this chair:

I gave $2.00 each for these chairs. And afterwards, I put $14.99 on the one with the old crow and
$9.99 on the more plain one with the star.

And that's what's been keeping me busy these last few days that I haven't been posting much.
And all of this shown is in my craft booth at my local co-op.
Which makeover was your favorite?
See ya'll next time,

Aug 15, 2016


I bought this old, wooden cheese box from the auction for $2.00 along with a few other items a while back.  It has already sold at my booth for $6.00 (thank you buyer!)
But being such an easy makeover, I thought I'd share it in case ya'll come across any type of old, wooden boxes yourself.

Here it was before:

I gave it a quick dry wash in black. I call dry washing simply only putting a sparse amount of paint on a brush, where it is kinda rough to get a good coating.  But going back and forth over it makes for good looking, old brush strokes.  I usually never put much paint on a brush for this. Opposed to a thick, deep, wet coating of paint.

See, you can still see some of the old wood showing through. I don't want so much paint as to make it look like a brand new, black box.  Just enough to give it a black undertone.

The Primitives: Blessings from our Past stencil was found on eBay.

And I used DELTA brand stencil paint, in the Heritage colors collection ,

with a makeup sponge for the wording and stars.

Super simple and now a cute shelf sitter for homes with the primitive theme.

Happy Crafting ya'll,

Aug 13, 2016


You can do a quick makeover with lots of plain items just by using stencils and some craft paint.
I had bought all three of these gold, charger plates for $ .50.  They were nice but they needed something primitive for my booth.

found this via google, I forgot to take a before pic.

I got out some of my plastic stencils and black craft paint like the pic below (excuse the pumpkin stencil, I'd already put up the others.)
And just stamped them on using a makeup sponge.
Come in large packs at the Dollar Mart for $1.00
And this is how they turned out.

I ordered all the stencils you see from eBay.
They weren't much at all.

 I did have them displayed in a plate rack on the wall, but the plate rack sold before the plates.

I only put $3.99 on the set of three.
Sold. Thank You!

Don't forget when you get items you just don't like or are too plain, just
grab your stencils!

Happy Crafting ya'll,

Apr 22, 2015

Rusty Bucket Makeover

Do you have an old bucket laying around? 
Or maybe a new galvanized one even?

If so, you can easily prim it up a bit with very little effort.

Here's my Rusty Bucket Makeover:
I made this cute little bucket (above with star) from this:
The one on the right. I got these in an auction box, with other stuff for only $1.00. Ignore the one with the hole, I was trying to cut out a circle for a birdhouse. Still trying!!

top view
All you really need to do is give it a good base coat of whatever color you prefer.
I went with a burgundy red in the craft paints section at Walmart.

Then I went back and added some streaks of black here and there with a makeup sponge to give it a bit of an older look.I did the black mainly around the top and bottom. 
And I applied it to the handle too.
Dry dab the black on. Don't paint it on like you would to cover. Just add some grungy look.

Then let it all dry again.

Next was to add on a star.  I have plenty of these metal stars laying around from my craft supplies.

(Note: If you don't have these metal stars, you can simply paint one on free handed or with a stencil. Or grab a bag of the wooden craft stars in various sizes and glue that on.)

I had just made this one with a magnet and some Locktite crafters glue, found at Walmart. I usually use the E-6000 but I couldn't find it at the time.
Ignore the cute little crow. More about that in another magnet post!
I didn't really need a magnet on the back to attach it to the bucket, but it did give something on the back to glue to since the star backing is curved outward:

So with the magnet in place, it was easier to add the E-6000 glue (found it!) to that and then glue it onto the bucket.

E-6000 glue is some strong stuff! Even holds glass to glass great!
 But hey, if they star holds on the bucket good enough for you, you can always just use it that way.  But for me, I am making this to sell in my craft booth, so I need it to have a strong hold.  And the E-6000 glue does the trick! 
(Just watch out and don't buy the e-6000 craft glue dots! I've done it!)

Ok, now just glue it to the front of the bucket:
 You'll need to let it lay flat on it's back for a while because the e-6000 takes a bit.

And as you can see, I went ahead and added a few strips of pip berry from a garland I had. Just snip a few off with wire cutters and apply them behind the star with hot glue. They are light enough that the hot glue holds it good.

And finish it off with a strip of torn up homespun fabric on the handle.
I also painted the inside and added bits of black here and there. Because the inside was pretty rough before.

Now it is good to go.

Hope you liked my little bucket makeover post.
A very simple re-do, but well worth it.

It is for sale in my 
Sold Thank You